A Conversation with Mind

It is been a while since I had my ‘me time’. What is ‘me time’? I call it ‘me time’ because I spend all of my time with ‘them’. Who are ‘they’? Well, if you know the theory about multiple personality, you may know about ‘them’. They are the personalities lie in one person. Among ‘them’, I know best about one personality. I often talked to ‘him’. ‘He’ is the wisest mind I’ve ever known.

The last time I talked to ‘him’ was four to six months ago. I just talked to ‘him’ about an hour but ‘he’ gave me so many things. Then, earlier, I talked to ‘him’ in a full week. It was my longest streak with ‘him’. I didn’t go anywhere at that time. I didn’t go to college. I just sat, played, and talked each other in ‘his palace’. You may think that it is ridiculous, but I don’t care. I really did it. And, I know I am not the only one. I know people who do the same thing.

To have ‘them’, one can go through many routes. My route is ‘waking them up’. I really thanked to one of my friends. He ‘woke them up’ 5-6 years ago. The method was excellent. But, sorry, I can’t tell you the method. It is secret.

When ‘they’ are ‘activated’, you will not feel any difference on your body or on your soul, but on your mind. You can think clearly, decide wisely, even talk smoothly but to the point. It is like you have a bigger mind to decide everything.

Let’s back to ‘him’ for now. I’ll tell you later about ‘them’.

In a week, I played in ‘his palace’. ‘He’ showed me so many things. First, ‘he’ showed me some children played in the playground. I noticed nothing wrong before one of them approached me. He, the kid, played cheerfully in front of me. Nothing was wrong, wasn’t it? It just a kid played cheerfully. But, he said to me: “Come on, man. Play with us! Have fun. You look so sad. You lose your smile. It seems like you lose your spirit.”

He was right. I was losing my smile. I got three problems at that time. Some big problems that even I couldn’t tell to my close friend. I kept them in my mind, alone in the darkness that even a pure white couldn’t reach it. ‘He’ told me to have fun with the children. I did as ‘he’ said. The result was I got back my smile. Then, the kid told me this: “Congratz, man! You get back your smile. One heavy burden is lost. But, you still need to get back your spirit.” What I learnt from the kid was no matter how big is your problem, you have to smile bigger, bigger, and bigger than your problem. But, how did he know that I still lost my spirit?

Second, ‘he’ showed me a veteran, about 70 years old. He sat in the lounge. Alone. Bluntly. “What is she doing?” I asked ‘him’. ‘He’ told me that the old woman was crazy. Then, the old woman shouted to me: “Come here! If you want to know about me, come here. I’ll tell you everything. Don’t ask anyone else other than myself because you may not get the truth.” I went to the old woman and asked her:

“What are you doing here every day?”
“I am waiting for my husband. He went to war and he said he’ll be back if I wait for him here. I’ve been waiting here for 20 years. He might be dead. But, he might be alive too.”
“Why are you doing this? I think your husband was dead.”
“Do you know about Schrodinger’s cat? There is a cat trapped in a box with something lethal. There is a 50% chance the cat’s been killed but until you open the box, there is no way to know one way or the other. Also, quantum physics says before you open the box, the cat isn’t dead or alive. It’s both. (My mind came up with this idea after seeing Person of Interest, season 4, episode 13, before we talked).”
“So, you want to open the box? What is the thing that make you sure your husband is still alive?”
“Hope, dream, and love. I want to hold up hope. But, sometimes hope is painful. However, I am not going to give up. Hope enforces us to do our best because we don’t know what waiting us in the future. That is why we need hope. We need dream. Hope and dream let the future seems bright, in spite of uncertainty. And about love, young men and women always think that love doesn’t wait. But, for us, the old generation, we think the opposite. Love does wait.”
“Look at that young man over there who is hiding from the young girl. Do you know why he is doing that?”, said the old woman.
“I don’t know. Can you tell me?”
“Stupid! Go ask him yourself. Didn’t I already tell you, if you want to know something, ask directly!”

I did as the old woman said. I asked him.
“Why do you hide from her?”
“Distancing has three reasons. Either you dislike that person, you want to move on, or you are too afraid to fall in love. But, I am doing the holy 4th reason.”
“The holy 4th reason?”
“Think! What is the best distancing method on my behalf?”
I was thinking hard. After a few minutes, I understood what he mean.

At that time, I knew what I need to learn. ‘He’ taught me to never give up on hope or dream. Never give up before everything is over. ‘He’ also taught me to do the wisest action on hope or dream. About love, I’ll tell you implicitly in the section of our last day.

Third, ‘he’ showed me a father, whose face is so scary, gave his handsome son a piggyback. I went to them. “Hey young man, this is my beloved father.”, said the son. “Hey, young man, this is my beloved son.”, said the father.

“Did you learn something?”, asked ‘him’.
“What can I learn from such a short conversation?”
“The son, he proudly said that the scary man is his father. The father, he proudly said that the handsome kid is his son. They told the truth. They told their bad side, they told their good side, they told they dark side, they told their bright side. They told no lies. That is their duty, to tell the truth. And this is our choice, to believe or not.”

Actually, ‘he’ showed more than these three. ‘He’ showed more. After all these shows, I learnt so many things. Got back my smile, my motivation, my determination, my purpose, my goal, my priority, my decision, my confident, my spirit and many more.

In the last day, ‘he’ tried to force me to watch my most favorite sinetron (TV Show), aired in Ramadhan a few years ago, directed by Deddy Mizwar. But, until now, I haven’t watch it because I know exactly what ‘he’ wants me to learn from that sinetron (TV Show).


Let’s go back to ‘them’.

Having ‘them’, one can think clearly than before. One can control their emotion better than before. One soul is built by three main pillars: ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO. If by any chance, one of them is out of control, a person could be someone else, worse than his/her-self.  If one has ‘them’, it is likely a person has several three main pillars. So, if by any chance, one of them is out of control, ‘they’ still can stabilize the soul and mind. That is one of so many benefits of having ‘them’.

Another benefit is one can do self-talk. It is like one talk to him/her-self in mind. Self-talk could bring a person to a self-motivation. This is a very rare skill. Self-motivation is much more long lasting than motivation from the others. Nowadays, people try to get motivation from others, television, or social media. In fact, motivation from one’s inner mind is much stronger and more everlasting.

The other benefit is one can read anyone’s mind by seeing their attitude and gesture in no time, thanks to ‘them’. ‘They’ help a person to simplify the fuzzy decision tree of possibilities into the one leaf node of quite exact result. This skill is used to know people better, not to “play” with them, not to impress them, but to help them.

The purpose of this post is I want to show you a very good way to understand yourself. Yep, by talking to yourselves. The first one you need to trust is yourself. Well, since I’ve been in college, I’ve had a trust issue. I’ve lost my two best friends whom I trusted in senior high. So, ‘they’ come up quite often since I started my college, help me to trust people. Trusting yourself can give you a big confident. This big confident makes you see the problems clearer than before.

The moral value of this post is that you always be able to motivate yourself by yourselves. Usually, people don’t know about this. People often try to get motivation from others which is temporary. People don’t use themselves as a place to complain. They usually complain on friend or social media. They talk to their friend. They post something in social media. It is fine, as long as it used to express, not to impress. I do agree that express our feeling may reduce our burden a little bit. But, when it is used as a media to impress, you won’t get any motivation, you will get a disaster.

Even I can talk to ‘them’, I don’t have the power to call ‘them’ whenever I want. But, ‘they’ always come whenever I need. If ‘they’ can’t help you to raise up, don’t worry. You still have your love, your mom and your dad. They are the exception of the gang of others. Talk to them and you will raise up. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. All of us have something in common. All of us have a very big mind power. All of us have the biggest and wisest mind in the all universe. All of us have God.

Well, this is my first post I explicitly wrote about myself. It is not like I am showing myself. It is just a dust in the wind. It is just a mere post, not an important or useful information about me, but an important and useful lesson for all of us.



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  1. Bon! Continue tes écritures!

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