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A Conversation with Mind

It is been a while since I had my ‘me time’. What is ‘me time’? I call it ‘me time’ because I spend all of my time with ‘them’. Who are ‘they’? Well, if you know the theory about multiple personality, you may know about ‘them’. They are the personalities lie in one person. Among ‘them’, I know best about one personality. I often talked to ‘him’. ‘He’ is the wisest mind I’ve ever known.

The last time I talked to ‘him’ was four to six months ago. I just talked to ‘him’ about an hour but ‘he’ gave me so many things. Then, earlier, I talked to ‘him’ in a full week. It was my longest streak with ‘him’. I didn’t go anywhere at that time. I didn’t go to college. I just sat, played, and talked each other in ‘his palace’. You may think that it is ridiculous, but I don’t care. I really did it. And, I know I am not the only one. I know people who do the same thing. Continue reading